2017 Trends: Embroidery


One of the biggest fashion trends to hit up 2017 so far as been Embroidery! From jeans to handbangs to shoes, everything in shops right now is covered in the trend. So, to keep up with this latest fashion hype I am sharing all things embroidered so that you're walking the streets looking super stylish. If you see something you like, simply just click on it!

gift guide

Valentine's Day Gift Guide For Her 2017


Let's be real, this time of the year probably sends panic through the bones of most guys! Valentine's Day is just around the corner and for all the organised men in the world (the ones who don't make a quick run to the local petrol station for chocolate and flowers on February 13th) you've probably realised that you need to start looking for a gift for the gal in your life to show her how much you love her (aww). So, I thought what could be better an idea than to create my very own Valentine's gift guide to give all you men a helping hand that have never heard of the likes of Anastasia Beverly Hills and Yves Saint Laurent!



New Year, New Wardrobe For 2017!


Although a week or two late, we have entered a new year, the year of 2017! I don't think there has been a better excuse than now to get hold of some key new pieces for the year, you know what they say.. 'new year... new wardrobe!'. I also think a wardrobe update can do tonnes to boost your confidence and really let your personality shine through, whether you're following trends or creating your own looks.

Taking inspiration from some of my fave models off dury - Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid

I personally base my style around what I feel most comfortable in and I want to break out of that zone this year. I want my go-to outfit to stop being the basic pair of jeans I've reached for 100 times over already and a cosy jumper I know won't cling to me and emphasise my lumps and bumps. I want people, or at least someone, to look at me and think 'wow I like her style' so that is my new years resolution, so revamp my style so I have a wardrobe full of super stylish clothes that I feel fab in!

Continue reading below to see some of the hot pieces that you'll hopefully be finding in my wardrobe this year, and maybe yours too..