1st birthday

Gifts for Newborns, Baby Shower and 1st Birthday Ideas: Etsy Shops, Instagram Boutiques & More


I never before realised how much fun it was to buy baby clothes and other baby accessories until a few of my friends around me have started to have their own little bundles of joy. Since then, I've been living out my baby obsession through all of them because I swear everything is SO much cuter when it comes in miniature form and I just can't resist buying fluffy sleepsuits with cute little bunny ears and baby grows covered in Winnie the Pooh and Eeyore designs. My time spent scrolling through Instagram baby boutiques, Etsy shops and the likes of NotOnTheHighStreet are what have inspired me to write this guide!

I recently came across the Etsy shop of Annekajambabyart (Also @Annekajambabyart on Instagram) and I just fell in LOVE. She is the queen of all things floral art and everything is just so cute and girly. She makes name art made from flowers and individual floral letters which would make the perfect finishing touch to any nursery - and also a wonderful 1st birthday gift. Not only that but she also makes FLORAL MINNIE MOUSE EARS! If they don't make you go 'awww' then I don't know what else will - plus I'm pretty sure she sells them in adult sizes too...
(All photo credit to Annekajambabyart)

Another recent favourite is a bespoke frame & wooden nursery decor store on Instagram @picture.this__xo. They actually have an Etsy boutique too here. They have a lot of their custom orders on show on Instagram so I would definitely check them out as they can make everything to your taste. They make bespoke floral frames to fit in with any nursery theme and the most gorgeous wooden swans, glitter crowns and unicorns. Very dreamy.


2017 Trends: Embroidery


One of the biggest fashion trends to hit up 2017 so far as been Embroidery! From jeans to handbangs to shoes, everything in shops right now is covered in the trend. So, to keep up with this latest fashion hype I am sharing all things embroidered so that you're walking the streets looking super stylish. If you see something you like, simply just click on it!